End-to-end Payroll Automation

Never miss a compliance date

Track Compliances for your Organisation with an easy-to-use Compliance Calendar. See what is due each month. Upload a copy of your Challans and other acknowledgements for each compliance and mark it as Complete.

For manufacturing and service industries both

Compilation and generation of ECR- Online Challans, Legal advisory, EDLI and administrative fee, preparation of ESIC and Medical records, Filing of LWF Return, Unpaid accumulations to be deposited with the Welfare Commissioner, advice on LWF related matters, Deposition of Professional Tax – Monthly/Half-Yearly/Annually, POSH, Labour Law Acts such as The Payment of Bonus Act 1965, Minimum Wage Act 1948, Assistance in preparation of Form 2 – Employee Provident Funds Nomination, Form 11 – Declaration of the employee for PF applicability we get your Compliance covered irrespective of your Industry type.

Covers all State Acts

With frequent Amendments every year, High Penalties and Complex Laws holistic management of Compliances becomes a tiring task for an individual. Here our Compliance Management comes to your rescue with the automated coverage of all State Acts like maintaining a register of unclaimed wages and fines and all other necessary records, as required under the respective state laws.

Covers all National Acts

Never miss a Compliance with our End-to-End Payroll Integrated Compliance Management System which covers all our National Acts with an aim to implement improved processes and enhanced accountability.

Our Features

Calendar interface to manage all compliances

The Calendar Interface provides you with a compact and lucid way to track all your Compliance requirements across jurisdictions of the States to pinpoint the status to ensure effective legal operations of your business.

Covers Central Acts, namely Provident Fund, ESIC and TDS

Be it ESIC or Employee Provident Fund or TDS, our Payroll-Integrated Compliance Management System gets your adherence to all Central and State Acts covered. Preparation of Statutory Bonus Report, Form 16 and its Annexures, Form 24 and its Annexures for the Company.

Covers State Acts namely, Profession Tax and Labour Welfare Fund

Irrespective of the State where your Organisation is set up, our Compliance Calendar makes you covered as per the State Acts particular to your State in regards to Statutory Deductions like Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund or TDS.

Choose what is applicable to your organisation

Set up the Rules for Statutory Deductions like Provident Fund, ESIC, and Professional Tax as per the applicability in regards to your Company Policy.

Upload challans or other acknowledgements against each to mark complete.

Now you can easily upload the Challans and acknowledgements against each Compliance Date to mark it as complete in the Calendar.

Monthly calendar view of salary-related statutory dues

Now no need to worry about the Compliance due dates every month. Our Compliance Calendar empowers you to create and maintain a Compliance Calendar with due dates as per the Statutory Compliances applicable to your company.

Compliance Management FAQs.

Our Compliance Management System ensures all National and State Compliance is covered.

Provident Fund Services like preparation of Form 2 – Employee Provident Funds Nomination, Form 11 – Declaration of employee for PF applicability,. Form 9 – Employee PF membership Record, Form 19 – Employees Provident Fund Withdrawal, and Form 10C - Employees Pension Withdrawal are offered in our Compliances Service.

Services like Summary of Tax Deducted from the payslips as well as from the voucher payments made to employees, Employee details for the purposes of calculation of Gratuity, Preparation of Statutory Bonus Report for employees eligible for an Annual Bonus as per the Bonus Act etc are covered in our Yearly Statutory Services.

Go to Admin Section > Compliance > Calendar You will see the due dates for applicable Compliances for the current month

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