End-to-end Payroll Automation

Process payroll in a matter of minutes

Run payroll anytime by yourself guided by our Payroll wizard. Create salary structures for your Organisation based on your employee benefits and policies. Use the attendance and leave records from TeamNest or import them from an alternate source. Compute Applicable Statutory Deductions based on employee earnings and tax related investments. Online access to payslips and tax computations for your employees.

Run Payroll anytime, anywhere

With our diligently developed Payroll module, you can process Payroll anytime, anywhere as per your convenience . This enables easy access to view your data, Registers and Checklists. Create Salary Structure customised for your Organisation.

Ensure Tax Compliance

Create the Compliance Calendar for the Statutory Compliance applicable to your Organisation with an option to upload and download Tax Computations for your employees. Applicable Statutory Deductions are based on your Employee Benefits Policies.

Custom CTC Builder

With our user-friendly CTC Builder option, you can define the Salary Structure and edit your existing one. The various components of CTC like Gross Salary, HRA, Statutory Deductions, and Retiral Benefits can be easily defined.

Online access to Payslips and Tax Computations for your Employees.

Once the Payroll is Run, the Employees can easily access their Payslips. Various Tax Computation documents such as Income Tax documents, Form 16 details.

Access payslips instantly

Once the Payroll is run, the Portal gives instant access to upload and download the Payslips. Once uploaded by the organization, the Employees can easily download it.

Complete control on Payroll process

With the access to define the Payroll Masters such as Allowance which form Gross Salary, Retiral Benefits, Statutory Deductions, and Loan Types, the Portal gives you absolute control over the Payroll Process.

Integrated with Attendance, Leave and Expenses data

With the lucidly integrated Attendance, Leaves and Expenses Modules with the Payroll module, the Portal gives the option to modify and edit the data effortlessly. Any changes in the organisational Attendance Rules, Details of One Time Payouts, Overtime Payouts, One Time Deductions can be easily updated prior to the Payroll Processing.

Our Features

Powerful CTC Builder

Our unique CTC Builder enables you to define the structures of CTC and bifurcation of its various components such as Basic, House Rent Allowance and other Benefits.

Up to date compliances on PF, ESIC, PT, and TDS

Your Adherence to Compliance is taken care of with our Compliance Module. Here you can set up the rules for various Statutory Deductions like Provident Fund, ESIC, Professional Tax and TDS.

Run payroll entirely or for one department

With our user-friendly Payroll module, you can effortlessly run Payroll on the Portal. It also gives you the flexibility to Run Payroll for all the organisational units or individual departments as per your convenience.

Integrated with Attendance, Leaves and Expenses

For the smooth processing of the Payroll, our Attendance, Leaves, Expense and all the Modules flow seamlessly into the Payroll module. All you need to do is Use the Attendance and Leaves record from TeamNest or import from any alternative source.

Simple integration with time-tracking and HR

The entire Payroll data can be integrated in the Portal in a hassle free and timely manner. Accurate time-tracking ensures accurate recording of the daily working hours of the Employees.

Payroll Management FAQs.

Yes, this facility is available in the Portal.

To enable this Go to Admin Section >> Organisation >> Organisation Details >> Miscellaneous Tab. If you scroll down to the payroll section you will see an option called "Compute Payroll Based On". Here you can select Custom Days. Once this is done, every time you run a Payroll, you will be asked to enter the number of days for the Payroll Run.

Once the Payroll is processed, various Registers and Checklists like CTC Register, Salary Register, Salary + CTC Register,Payment Register, Form II - Rule 27 (1) , Employee Details Report, Loan Register, Statutory Reports For the Month, Profession Tax Report, Profession Tax Detail Report, Provident Fund Report, ESIC Report, Income Tax Report, Income Tax Detail Report, e-TDS Report is generated from our end.

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