The complete Leave Management System

Applying and managing leaves made easy

Create flexible leave policies based on a Calendar year or Financial year. Easy interface to apply and approve leave requests - on the web and on mobile. Encash accumulated leaves based on the company's leave policies. Seamless transfer to the New Leave year with Carry Forward leaves and opening balances as per company policy.

Configurable leave policies

With our super user -friendly Leave Management system, you can easily configure the Common Leave Policy of the organisation by setting up the leave Calendar.

Custom leave approval workflows

Our unique Approval Workflow feature enables you to set and define Parallel or Sequential Hierarchy Setup for Leave Requests Approval or Rejection.

Team Leaves Planning Calendar

The Team Calendar gives the HR Managers and Supervisors the access to view all Team members' Planned Leave Requests in a single screen.

Apply Leaves easily from the TeamNest App

The compact version of the Portal which is available in the App makes the entire process of Application of Leaves easy as a piece of cake.

Review and update requests for Team Leads

The two way flexibility to Apply, modify Leaves by the Employees and Review and Update the Leaves by the Supervisors makes the entire Leave Application Process a time saver.

Leaves Reporting and Analytics for HR heads and Executives

The elaborate, varied and multifaceted Reports and visual data are steps ahead in the application of present-day HR Analytics that enables the HR Leaders and Executives an accurate insight into the core functionalities of the Leave related data.

Our Features

Customised Leaves

Leaves can be customised as per the Company Policy and its applicability to Employees. New Leave Types can be added and Existing Leave Types can be edited.

Full-day and Half-day leaves

The user friendly Leave Policy allows to set up Full Day and Half Day in each Leave Type ie: PL,SL or CL.

Proxy leave management

The unique feature of Proxy Leave enables the HR, Reporting Managers and Supervisors to apply for Leave on Behalf of the Employee in case the Employee is not in a medical condition to apply for Leave on his own.

Balance Leave Encashment

The Portal gives the flexibility to Employees of Encashment of any Unutilized Leaves as per the set Policy.

Carry-forward Leaves

You can set the configuration for Intra Cycle Carry Forward or Yearly Carry Forward of any Unutilized Leaves.

Leave Accruals

Varied Accrual Policy for diverse Leave Types applicable in the organisation.

Prefix, postfix and Sandwich leaves

In case of occurrence of Holiday between two availed Leaves, Sandwich Leave Policy helps you Employee Absenteeism in check by adding the additional days to be included Prior to the leave Start Date, Post the Leave End Date and In Between Leave Start Date and End Date.

Reports and Insights

Our powerful Analytics gives a bird eye view to the HR Managers with the visual and Tabular Reports and Insights where the summary of each Leave Types is stacked up. Details of Leaves Taken, Leave Balance Available for the year, ALL Approved Leaves can be accessed.

Leaves Management FAQs.

Check the Marital Status of the Employee, it should be marked as Married in the Portal, Gender should be mentioned as Female.

Let us credit a comp off against 1st March 2022 i.e. refer below the attached image for reference. We are applying for Comp Off Credit Request, So here we will select Add New (Credit).from the Comp off Request Type and fill the remaining data & finally submit it for approval.

Now let's raise a Comp Off Debit Request, So now this time we will select Subtract From Existing (Debit) from the Comp off Request Type. And then fill out the remaining data but now here we need to select a Comp Off Request Date from the list of credited comp off request dates. We can see the available list of comp off approved credits .Finally submit it for approval.

Currently we do not have the facility.

We have the facility, following are the combinations regarding the same.

  • If the Policy says Leaves will get Accrued from Date of Joining, it will work in that particular way.
  • If the Policy says Leaves will get Accrued from Date of Confirmation, it will work in that particular way.
  • If the Policy says Leaves will get Accrued from Date of Joining and allow leave Application from Date of Confirmation it will work in that particular way.

Leaves can get Accrued on Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Basis.

We have facility for hourly leaves, it can be enabled from Leave Policy


Yes, we do provide training to the HR or concerned person from the Team.

Yes, our Portal allows you to customise most of the configurations as per your company Policy.

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