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TeamNest offers Managed Payroll Services to clients who want to outsource the administrative tasks of running payroll as well as ensuring compliances as per the statutory regulations. Clients can rely on our team of experts to ensure timely and accurate payroll.

Concentrate on what you do best. Partner with us for what we do best.

Outsourcing offers great opportunities to cut costs and streamline processes. Tap into our developed capacity that will bring stability to the payroll operations.

Benefit from our strong network of Domain Experts.

Get access to the skills and expertise of our network of Tax Consultants and Labour Law Consultants for statutory matters. Also, our Tech Team can assist to implement organization-specific policies.

We are Adept at Adapting. We listen to your needs.

The success of our partnership depends on our capability to adapt to changes in your business environment as well as aligning the policies with the current regulations. Our in-house solution is a key resource in meeting these expectations.

Our Features

Transactional Payroll
  • Generation of Payslips, Salary Registers, Bank Files, and Tax Computation sheets
  • Processing of New Joiners, Increments, Overtime, Exits, and Loans
Statutory Compliances
  • Deduction of Provident Fund, Profession Tax, ESIC, and Taxes as per applicability
  • Taxes would be deducted as per the Investment records of each employee
Salary Structuring
  • Building out a tax-friendly CTC while ensuring all Statutory regulations are adhered
  • Introduction of Reimbursement components in the CTC at higher Grade levels for tax savings
Letters & Policies
  • Guidance on building HR Policies and designing Employee Handbooks
  • Designing and Generating various HR letters like Offer, Appointment, Confirmation, and Appraisal letters
  • And at the time of employee separation, Relieving, and Experience letters
Other Related Features
  • Computation of Flexi reimbursement amounts under expense heads such as Mobile, Fuel, Drivers Salary, etc
  • Automatic monthly deduction of Loan Installments and applicable Interest
  • Calculation of Perquisite on Company benefits such as Car, Company Accommodation, Subsidised Loans. etc
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